Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Masquerade Masks for Sell!

Going for a Masquerade Party?!
These masquerade masks will come in handy!

RM19.90 ONLY!
White Angel

Gold Fairy

Red Devil

My Purple Lady


Sarah Hanisah said...

hye..may i order in bulk?

chouB said...

Hi babe,

This models are currently out of stock.

How about these? :)

I have some ready stocks or to wait for 2 weeks to pre-order :) Can give you a good price for bulk order.

Let me know which one interst you more :) I can help to source for more similar design

mynameisselena said...

do you still have any of these masks? :)

Nor Zihan said...

do you still have of these gold fairy mask?

nur jamal said...

do u still huv white angle n gold fairy masks?

bella said...

hi, still have white angle mask ?

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